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Once delivered to our cellar, hand-harvested Merlot grapes are crushed, then transferred to fermentation tanks and left to ferment for approximately seven days. The juice is drawn off on skins to enhance the wine’s colour and flavour intensity, after which the wine is selectively matured in French oak for up to eight months prior to bottling.

Alvi's Drift Merlot

SKU: 6009879631050
  • An excellent, ripe example of this popular Bordeaux variety, this wine is a masterful balancing act of fruit, oak and tannin, with intense aromas of delicious black cherries, plums, and just a hint of chocolate and mixed spice. The palate is broad and deep with firm, velvety, well-integrated tannins backed by ripe fruit following through to linger on the palate.

    This popular Bordeaux variety will complement a range of meat and pasta dishes. It is a perfect partner to a spaghetti bolognaise, chicken pie or ideal for opening at a picnic to enjoy with dips and cheese. Ready to be enjoyed immediately, this wine will benefit from two to three years’ cellar maturation.

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