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Made from optimally ripe Pinotage grapes, cool juice was kept in contact with grape skins just long enough to obtain a brilliant pink hue – avoiding the extraction of harsh tannins. Juice was then clarified and cold fermented, vinified in the same fashion as the white wines in our Signature range.

Alvi's Drift Pinotage Rosé

SKU: 6009879631135
  • An intriguingly pale shade of electric pink, this delightful wine boasts forthcoming aromas of ripe strawberries with red cherries following through on the palate. The wine is well balanced, it has a zippy acidity teasing the tastebuds while delectable red fruit follows through to a lingering and refreshing finish.

    Perfect for serving as a welcoming drink with snacks or sushi, this wine makes an excellent companion to traditional pizza, pasta dishes and will complement salads

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