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With the use of a vibration table, hand sorting is done to ensure only the best grapes are selected and processed to the small open-top tank where fermentation is initiated. After a period of cold maceration (48 hours), the tank was inoculated with commercial yeast to begin fermentation. Pump overs and manual punch downs were regularly done during fermentation to maximise extraction. The wine was then left on the skins for an additional 30 days after fermentation for maximum flavour extraction.

Anura Malbec Reserve

SKU: Anura Malbec
  • Sweet plums, mulberry and marzipan aromas with a rich mouth feel and a long, smooth finish underlined by liquorice spice and dried peach tones. The wine pairs wonderfully with grilled meats, rich tomato based dishes and stews or can also be enjoyed with a mature cheese board and sweet preserves. Always a hit at any Braai!

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