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Calcrete Chardonnay is exclusive to the limestone-rich wine appellation between Bonnievale and Robertson. Here the distinctive terroir ranges from calcareous out crops to arid, broken-shale, both features resulting from ancient petrified maritime deposits. Calcrete defines the wines from this unique Chardonnay region, their crystal line character, nuances of wet stone, saline palate and oysters hell minerality being highlighted by the linear unwooded profile.

De Wetshof Calcrete Chardonnay

SKU: 6004635000866
  • An abundance of free limestone is complemented by a heavy clay component ensuring excellent water-retention and adding structure and fullness to the wines. These soils have the highest free lime content and the highest pH of all the soils on De Wetshof. This adds complexity and structure to the wines, allowing optimum varietal expression with classic Chardonnay flavours of soft grape fruit and nuts.

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