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The grape bunches were de-stemmed only and the whole berries were placed in old open top fermenters and closed top fermenters. 50% of the total crush fermented naturally and the rest was inoculated with a commercial yeast. Tanks were mixed three times daily by pump overs and/or punching through the skin cap. The wine was fermented dry on the skins and pressed off into 225 l French oak barrels were malo-lactic fermentation the wine was then aged in barrel for 16 months.

Fat Bastard Merlot

SKU: 6002039010443
  • This medium-bodied Merlot delivers a delightfully well-rounded, palate-pleasing profile. Upfront, ripe fruit aromas swiftly greet the nose which sets a vibrant tone for the unfolding flavours of the palate. Distinct blackberry, cherry and plum flavours dominate the palate, supported by well-integrated tannins that lend the wine a smooth mouth-filling quality and long, juicy finish.

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