Tarragon is a leafy green herb with a distinctive herbal, liquorice or anise flavour. Tarragon pairs really well with fish or chicken and can not only transform your cream or butter sauces, but also makes the most incredibly flavourful vinaigrette dressings to drizzle over that fresh garden salad.

GiNiT Tarragon tantalizes your taste buds with an initial savoury then sweet zesty citrus notes, underpinned by the deep juniper and coriander notes. The Tarragon then carries the freshness of the liquorice / anise profile to the fore, followed by the sublime warming finish synonymous with the GiN!T Spice Range. GiNiT Tarragon pairs well when used to season roast chicken or as a rub for grilled fish. Use GiNiT Tarragon as a sprinkle over poached eggs, sauteed asparagus or roast potatoes.

GiN!T Tarragon Spice (70g)