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The thinking behind the Kadette name was logical: with the military association of ‘kanon’ (cannon) in Kanonkop, the Kadette was deemed a deserved junior to the more senior main brand.

The grapes used in the Kadette range of wines no longer come from the Kanonkop vineyards; the demand is too great and the volume required simply too large. However, every bunch of grapes brought in for the making of Kadette is subjected to the same meticulous processes in the winery as the Estate range.

The grapes are sourced from Stellenbosch which is widely known as the best growing region in South Africa for Cabernet Sauvignon.

Kanonkop Kadette Cabernet Sauvignon

SKU: Kanonkop Kadette CabSauv
  • The Kadette Cabernet Sauvignon has opulent aromas of blueberries, plums and red currants. Underlying hints of dried herbs and subtle oak spice add further complexity. The tannins are finely textured, and add a sturdy framework to support the plush fruit core. Concentrated flavours of blue- and blackberries, combined with the delicate acidity, creates a classic Stellenbosch Cabernet with a lengthy, dry finish.

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