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Only the free-run juice of the chardonnay and pinot noir grapes is used for this Cap Classique product - ± the first 500 litres per ton. Krone Night Nectar is made in classic bottle- fermented style with maturation on the lees in the underground cellar before the final dosage is added - providing that touch of sweetness which renders this refreshing bubbly “Demi-Sec” or Semi Sweet in category

Krone Night Nectar Demi-Sec CC

SKU: 6002039010122
  • Richly fruited and generous on the palate balanced by an electric lemony acidity. Textured and full of detail, there is an intriguing chalky-lime minerality, against which a flush of stone fruits burst, juicy bites of nectarine and peach, and a classic note of lemon drop opulence. Savoury salted caramel on the back palate is buoyed by a feather-light mousse, and drawn into a refreshing, poised finish.

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