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For the Village Pinot noir, we select the vineyards which has not yet reach full maturity, young vineyards tend to show more varietal character which is what we want to express in this wine. 

Extensive individual berry sorting was done by hand prior to destemming without crushing. The whole berries were transferred without pumping to the fermentation tanks, which was followed by cold maceration at 12°- 14° Celsius for 5-6 days. After cold maceration, the fermentation started spontaneously with some bathes inoculated with selected strains of Burgundian yeast to ensure complete fermentation. The skin cap was punched through by hand at least 3 times per day during fermentation. After the completion of the fermentation and pressing the wine was transferred to older French oak barrels and 5000 litre wooden vats for malolactic fermentation and maturation. The wine is matured in French oak for 10 months to add complexity and silkiness.

Paul Clüver Village Pinot Noir

SKU: 6009609150417
  • This wine shows beautiful and bright red colour with aromas of red fruits, ripe cherries and is followed by a delicious palate of cherries and poached ripe plums resulting in a medium bodied wine with soft edges. Crafted to be drink and enjoyed now.

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