One of the major influences on the 2019 harvest was the preceding winter which saw 70% more rainfall than the previous year - one recognised as among the driest in the history of the Cape Winelands. An unexpected warm spell in June 2018 saw temperatures rising to above 30?C, pushing the vineyards to uneven budding and patchy ripening as the berries gained sugar and colour. The uneven ripening posed a real challenge for the harvest teams. Chenin blanc is a very important variety for Simonsig and to capture the multi-layer fruit spectrum we pick in various stages of ripening. It is of utmost importance that we have components with a crisp freshness that retains a natural acidity, giving some delicious mineral flavours to the wine. This year it was less common to see Chenin blanc reaching the upper level of ripeness at 25/26?B, where some raisin berries are found, despite us letting the bunches hang longer. Nevertheless 2019 delivered building blocks with a fantastic aroma spectrum, from elegant to fuller blockbuster wines.

Simonsig Chenin Blanc

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  • The wine displays a bright effervescent colour with a green tinge. The expressive fruit notes bounce from passion fruit to apple and pear. Nuances of kiwi and green melon depict the versatility of the 2019 Chenin blanc. The youthful multi-layered freshness is complimented by a balanced acidity. The 2019 Chenin Blanc claims its delicious super quaffer status that pushes many boundaries.

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