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Once delivered to the cellar, hand-harvested Shiraz grapes are crushed before being transferred to fermentation tanks where they are left to ferment for approximately seven days. The juice is drawn off on skins to enhance the wine’s colour and flavour intensity, after which the wine is matured in American oak, complementing its fruity character.

Alvi's Drift Shiraz

SKU: 6003514000706
  • With its youthful ruby hue, this medium-bodied red wine boasts rich and intense aromas of ripe, dark fruit such as plums and mulberries, with notes of pepper, savoury spice, eucalyptus and sweet vanilla. Fresh acidity and modest tannin, beautifully integrated with fruit gives this succulent wine a subtlety and elegance rarely found in New World wines.

    Ideal for enjoying with any red meat, this wine pairs well with mushroom risotto, or pasta dishes served with ham-andmushroom sauce. It will also complement hard cheeses such as Huguenot, or mature gouda and cheddar cheese.

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