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This wine is an acknowledgement of every person who has been involved in the Pinotage journey, from vineyard to glass. L’Amour describes the Traildust created on the roads travelled and relationships formed as lifelong companions, perhaps closer than family. These friendships share a mutual respect for Pinotage, as well as the people involved in its creation and those who strive to grow this cultivar. This Cape Blend is a tribute to the legacy of Pinotage by uniting this unique South African cultivar with its heritage, Pinot Noir and Cinsaut.

Beyerskloof Traildust Cape Blend 2019

SKU: 6006475000006
  • Generous amounts of sweet fruit, cherries, and plum. A well-balanced wine with juicy middle and soft, well-rounded tannins. This wine is best served chilled (14°C) and combines with duck or game carpaccio.

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