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Grapes are hand-harvested in the early morning at 22.5–24 °B. The winemaking process is done in reductive conditions using dry ice and carbon dioxide gas. Grapes are crushed at 8 °C with approximately eight hours plus skin contact before a light pressing takes place. Two days of juice settling is followed by racking and the addition of commercial yeast. Fermentation is at 14 °C for approximately four to five days. The fermentation is stopped, leaving a natural sugar of 24 g/l; classified as a semi-sweet and known as an aromatic white wine.

Cederberg Bukettraube

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  • A rare cultivar with 77 hectares left in the world. Cederberg Bukettraube is an explosion of aroma and flavour. It has prominent muscat flavours with apricot and floral notes on the nose. A well balanced wine with a delicate sweetness and a crisp acidity. Enjoyed as an aperitif; partner to spicy fusion foods ? not hot; sweet Cape curries, or goose liver and baked fruits.

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