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Du Toitskloof Wines sources the majority of their grapes for their ranges from the Breedekloof valley, all within a 10km radius of the cellar. This sees to it that all the grapes share similar soil types and micro-climates. With a large array of different terroirs, the cellar makes wine with grapes that have grown along cool mountain slopes, in alluvial soils with high water-retention capabilities as well as sandy and rocky soils. 

Du Toitskloof Hanepoot Jerepigo

SKU: DuToitskloof Hanepoot
  • Concentrated mass of crystallised and citrus fruit, intriguing botrytis hints turning to chocolate orange liqueur on a silky palate. Exceptionally long, fruity aftertaste.

    Ideal with all desserts especially ice-cream,  baked puddings or as an after-dinner drink.

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