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Out with the old, in with the new - this is the story of the Chardonnay vineyards on the farm. After more than three decades of service, the Chardonnay vines faced viral challenges, leading to a transformation. Almost a decade ago, we started replanting Chardonnay, not just for replacement but for enhancement. We carefully chose superior clones and optimal farm locations for this grape variety. These new vineyards exceeded expectations, yielding exceptional grapes, marking the dawn of an extraordinary wine.

Groote Post Pinch of Salt Chardonnay

SKU: 600937430697
  • The Groote Post Pinch of Salt Chardonnay shows an abundance of fresh stone fruit and vibrant citrus notes on the nose. On the palate, a steely minerality with crisp citrus and yellow stone fruit flavours and a long, zesty acidity assure a full and concentrated structure. This lightly wooded 2023 vintage shows complexity with fresh acidity, a beautiful minerality, and a vibrant, zesty structure. Innovation and tradition blend perfectly to bring out the best in this wine.

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