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In 1925 Prof Isak Perold successfully merged Pinot Noir and Cinsault (Hermitage) to create the world-famous South African grape Pinotage, resulting in superb dark medium to full-bodied red wines. Le Sueur Wines took up the challenge to recreate this fusion by blending Pinot Noir from cool Elgin and old Swartland bush vine Cinsault, resulting in a soft and elegant red wine. A Paradox to the better known Pinotage varietal wines.

‘Pinotage’ in its natural form, unfiltered and unfined.

Le Sueur Paradoks

SKU: L Sueur Paradoks
  • An indulgent nose of red fruits, cherries, strawberries, spice, earthiness and a hint of Rooibos and subtle oak. 

    This is an elegant, complex wine with alluring flavours of mulberries, ripe red cherries, a rocky minerality and spice. Soft quaffable tannins and smooth lasting finish with hints of Rooibos on the finish.

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