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This is the first Albariño to be produced in South Africa, after the Newton Johnson family imported the vine material of this fragrant variety to the Cape with designs on establishing it as a harmonious pilgrim to the maritime conditions of the Upper Hemel-en-Aarde Valley. The grape has its origins on the wet and cool Atlantic north-west coast of Spain and Portugal, where monks are fabled to have brought it from the Rhine River in central Europe on their pilgrimages centuries before.

Newton Johnson Albarino 2021

SKU: NewtonJohnson Albarino
  • An opulent concentration of crisp and complex fruit and redolent white flowers. The pungent base of ripe limes, tangy nectarine and quince fruit is softened with a mealy beeswax character.

    Drifting scents of apple blossom and honeydew deliver some alluring top notes. The waxy texture envelops the palate, succulent fruit in the middle, and the flavour protracted by refreshing acidity in the finish.

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