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The main vineyard contingent to this wine lies mostly on the lowest slopes and bottom plateau, at altitudes of 225 to 245m, in the porphyritic granite soils of t he Upper Hemel-enAarde Valley . This appellation ranges from 4 to 8 km in proximity to the Atlantic Ocean . The climate is cool and temperate, where parallel mountain ranges channel the southerly oceangoing winds through the appellation during the summer. These southerly winds in turn create regular sea mists and overcast conditions, moderating the temperatures in the valley.

Newton Johnson Fullstop Rock 2020

SKU: NewtonJohnson FullStop
  • This wine is rich and generous with its wild flavour.

    Brooding black fruits, liquorice and mulberry are laced with black and white pepper, topped with the sweet floral notes of Grenache, it has a full liquorice flavour, with juicy red fruits in the periphery and chewy tannins lasting in to the finish.

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