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Durbanville Sauvignon blanc is characterized by complex thiol (granadilla, guava flavors) and pyrazine (grassy, herbaceous, vegetative flavors) flavour compounds.

Durbanville is also considered to be home to some of South Africa’s best Sauvignon blanc sites due to the high clay content of the soils. The strong southwesterly winds during November serve to naturally thin the crops ensuring greater flavour concentration and fruit expression. Intermitted rainfall helps limit water stress and ensure optimal ripening.

The grapes for Wild Child all come from different sights at Nitida that were picked at different ripeness levels to best express the terroir that is Nitida Sauvignon blanc.

Nitida The Wild Child

SKU: Nitida Wild Child
  • Each sip is truly an exciting experience. Berries, peaches and citrus fuse with guava, granadilla and tropical fruit to bring this wild barrel fermented wine to life. 

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