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IIn addition to the sorting of grapes while they are on the vine, a second stage of bunch and berry sorting occurs at the cellar to eliminate all traces of rot. After the grapes are pressed and the juice settled, the juice is fermented using selected yeast cultures. Grapes from different block on the estate are fermented separately and 44% of the wine is fermented in large 2500L oval oak vats. By lowering the temperatures of the vessels, fermentation was stopped on a portion of the wine - this segment being blended back later to give the Riesling its natural off-dry fruitiness. The rest of the wine is fermented dry and left on the fine lees which helps to add complexity. The wine is blended and stabilized in preparation for bottling.

Paul Cluver Riesling

SKU: 6009609150370
  • This is an expressive wine with a melody of fresh fruit and citrus blossom notes. The palate is delicate with elegantly clean and zesty lime notes with great textural feel on the mid palate. There is a great interplay between the naturally retained residual sugar and acidity. Generally regarded as restrained, it displays typical Riesling ‘nervousness’. The mineral core, which is linked to the shale rich soils in which the vines grow, adds great complexity, structure, and a lingering after taste.

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