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Grenache noir grapes were picked at 19 Brix of sugar in lug boxes during the early morning and chilled down to 2 Celsius before going to the cellar. The berries are then pressed as whole bunches and only 500L/ton is used for making Wilhelmina CC. The juice is cold settled and racked off to stainless fermentation tanks. The juice is then inoculated with a champagne selected yeast strain and fermented under controlled conditions at 13°C . The wine is stabilized before the dosage, bottling and then the second fermentation to create tiny magical bubbles. The bottles are matured on the lease in controlled conditions for at least 24 months before disgorgement took place to remove the yeast. Tirage follows this process and then labelling and boxing.

Piekenierskloof Wilhelmina CC

SKU: 6003906993678
  • This unique and special Cap Classique Brut rosé was carefully crafted and displays an abundance of succulent strawberry and red fruit and enticing complexity gained during the time it spent on the lees.

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