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Good Natured Organic Sauvignon Blanc is proof that the less we meddle with nature, the better it gets. This certified organic white was crafted with minimal interference using grapes grown without artificial pesticides or fertilisers.

The organically grown Sauvignon Blanc grapes grow in two vineyard blocks. four and six years in age, and planted in rich lime Karoo soils in an area called Lutzville. Situated 10kms from the Atlantic coast, the vineyards enjoy moderate day temperatures with cool nights and receive an annual rainfall of approximately 150mm.

Spier Good Natured Organic Sauvignon Blanc

SKU: 6001522006079
  • This wine is full of gorgeous, typical yet refined aromas of the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, with abundant grapefruit, litchi and gooseberries. The palate is lively, with well-balanced acidity and bright. The finish is crisp, pure and extremely refreshing.

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