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This cultivar thrives on the Rooderust farm near Darling where long dry summers are typical, tempered by cool Atlantic sea breezes. Clones of Sangoivese found in South Africa are SG1, SG2, SG3 and R24 and form part of the “Sangiovese grosso” family which are quite vigorous and prone to overproduction. The challenge is to get a good balance between this vigorous growth and the quality fruit production. Viticultural techniques are applied to ensure good colour, even ripening and good balance between sugar and acidity.

Terra del Capo Sangiovese

SKU: 6009641410081
  • The wine feels silky, supple and smooth when first it hits the palate. Flavours of dark berry fruit, Christmas pudding, cigar box and spice then make their presence felt. Beautifully poised and balanced with neither fruit nor oak dominating. Good backbone and lithe body. The oak is sympathetic and supportive.

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